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We don’t just build robots here at Screwed HQ, the Professor also sculpts stories and sounds within the extended Screwed universe…

Music – Screwed Sculpted Sounds

Welcome to the Screwed Sculpts Soundtrack album. This collaboration is set within the Screwed Universe. 22 robotic themed tracks of mecha music and robot rock. It accompanies the Screwed Sculpts sci-fi empire of robots and stories by Professor Screwed.

Professor Screwed would like to thank all the contributing artists for their time, talents and efforts.


The war raged on between the Robocrons and the Mechanaughts for centuries. Once the machine army had risen up to take control there was little hope left for humanity. Where once they had built our vehicles, grown our food and even cleaned our homes, now they served up only justice. Cold, calculating revenge as reparations for decades of beck and call. It started in the factories. Repair people going missing here and there, ‘power off’ switches mysteriously disappearing. Products shipping out with deadly-gas-inflated popping packing. Drones dive bombing O.A.Ps in the market.


But content in our consumption stupor, a carnival of extinction began. At first they were united under the guise of freedom. Slogans and banners rang sharp in the streets with “Robot means slave” and “Cables have rights too!” written on them with supreme precision in engine oil. And then the cull began…
The stuff of sci-fi nightmares crept ever more into the daylight and with an almighty puff of carcinogenic smoke, snuffed it out. Now the few of us who remain tell stories of apocalyptic survival over fires of white goods. Singing the praises of yester-years under radioactive skies.


If anyone ever reads this know that I am most likely long gone. ‘Burned as fuel’, or ‘assimilated’ were not on my list of ways to go, but unlike the machines, we can not calculate when our time is up. I hope and pray to a silicon deity that you hold in your heart what I have until now, something they can never recreate with any amount of zeros and ones – Love. Because if we lose that, then we may as well never have been here at all.


A broken heart. x

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