SCREWED exists because art should be accessible and sustainable for everyone, whatever your purpose and budget.

We give the creative a place in your everyday, whether you are an individual, business or otherwise.

We make 100% custom, upcycled robots for any budget, to spread the message that creativity, sustainability and art are all around us, and for all of us, with the right perspective.

If you have a robot-shaped space, then our upcycled, bespoke robots are for you.

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How Does It Work?

Ordering a shiny sculpt, bespoke bot or custom creation is easy!


1. CHOOSE YOUR SIZE OR BUDGET (see below for options)
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Choose Your Bot

All robots are custom-made to your requirement and made from recycled materials. Simply choose your style and specify a theme when ordering.

David Bowie Upcycled Robot

Bespoke Bots

Bespoke bots, for the discerning robotier. These bots are 6-8 inches tall.

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Other Upcycled Art

Don’t want a robot? That’s OK! We make a whole range of other upcycled art pieces – just name your theme!

Screwed Statement bots on show

Statement Bots

Got a large, robot-sized space to fill? Want a statement sculpture for your office/ wedding/ festival?

We can create a bot of any size, for any purpose.

What Our Customers Say

I love my Bot! Thanks so much Prof- what a wonderful birthday surprise! You are one kind man!

Beverly Ann

A chance online encounter with a VampireBot from Brighton led me to John at Screwed, who created Flo (I did have Wile E Coyote at ASDO but thought he was too twee and too heavy) to my specification. If your hat needs a mascot John is your man – just give him a commission, he’s very reasonable.

Janice Govey

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